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At Peak Family Law, we help our clients accurately calculate their complex child support and spousal support payments. We have trained family lawyers who calculate child support and spousal support according to the relevant guidelines with utmost precision and accuracy.

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Child Support is the right of the child. While the rules are relatively straightforward, the application of the rules can be difficult. Determining proper income, retroactive support, shared parenting, split parenting, children’s expenses, high income, and low income can all complicate the computation of the appropriate amount of support.

Spousal Support is also complicated. Before negotiating spousal support, you need to know your rights and responsibilities. We will help you understand the two types of support claims (compensatory and non-compensatory), types of agreements (fixed, variable, and hybrid models), and reasonable durations and amounts for your unique circumstance. We at Peak Family Law have certified family law and divorce lawyers who will help you calculate child support and spousal support.

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Whether you are a parent or a spouse, who is required to pay/receive child or spousal support, we can help you understand the need for both supports and will help you feel comfortable with your obligation to receive or pay the support.

At Peak Family Law, we have trained family lawyers who can negotiate for a fair amount. In both cases, child or spousal support can become a major financial responsibility for anyone paying it. As a result, it will be crucial for both parties to understand their obligations and rights to support their spouses or children.


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