The Finest Family Mediation Services In Edmonton

We at Peak Family Law offer the best family mediation services to our clients through Edmonton and surrounding areas at the most competitive prices.

Canada’s Finest Family Mediation Experts

At Peak Family Law, we believe that many family matters can be settled without needing to involve the court.

Family mediation services are based on the idea that most couples do not want to fight and want to reach an agreement peacefully. All they need is some professional assistance from a family lawyer and mediator to work through the issues.

At Peak Family Law, we provide the best family mediation services, and the majority of our cases reach their final stage with a mutually beneficial agreement between the couple. This means that each spouse feels that the agreement is fair, viable, and reasonable. Our mediation process is highly confidential and becomes legally binding when parties reach a legal settlement and sign the agreement.

Mediation is facilitated by negotiation, and the mediator is a neutral third party who helps the disputants settle their conflicts peacefully and amicably. At Peak Family Law, we have trained mediators who assist disputants to reach their own agreement, which is acceptable and advantageous for both parties. If consulted, the mediators will also provide their opinion about the likely outcome of a dispute in court. The majority of disputes that are mediated by Peak Family Law mediators result in settlement.

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Peak Family Law’s Unique Family Mediation Services

At Peak Family Law, you are the boss when it comes to mediation.

Our process is solution-focused and efficient. Our model is designed to help you and your family through a process that brings an optimal resolution in all disputed areas at reasonable rates and in a less time-consuming way.

We know that every situation is different, and you may consider your case unique. Therefore, our family mediation model is designed to work with all sorts of scenarios. Our trained mediators will help you reach a pacifist agreement even in the most complex cases in which children and assets are involved.

Our top-notch family mediation services will accommodate your specific situation and needs, whether your case is complex, straightforward, or highly confidential.

Avoid The Cookie-Cutter Approach

We at Peak Family Law devote ourselves to a unique style that comprises unique strategies and farsightedness. Our trained family lawyers are aware of how to effectively utilize the legal system in your particular case. In order to achieve the most satisfactory outcome, our certified family lawyers use explicitly tailored strategies. Whether it is a mere separation or a complicated divorce, we know how to handle all sorts of complicated situations.

Instead of cutting every asset and liability like a cookie, as is the case in litigation, our creative mediators suggest a more innovative yet mutually beneficial approach for both parties. For instance, instead of selling the shared residential property and distributing the proceeds, we may recommend that one party keeps the house while the other gets the retirement accounts. Nonetheless, you have the final say in this regard.

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