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Are you seeking legal assistance regarding family violence in Edmonton? Domestic assault offences are one of the most commonly dealt with criminal cases in criminal courts across Alberta. You can be a victim of family violence if you get abused by someone close to you or a family member sexually, physically, economically, or psychologically. Expert legal representation is crucial whether or not you are accused of or are the victim of domestic abuse.

Family violence legal experts at Peak Family Law can help you with your legal case if you are the receiver of family violence or are falsely accused of domestic abuse. Being charged with domestic assault can have a significant impact on you and your family. Suppose you get accused of assaulting a spouse or a family member; the police will impose a 'no contact' order between you and the victim, denying you access to your home, spouse, and your children.

Both the Crown prosecutors and the court treat family violence charges seriously. The Crown usually asks for jail time for domestic assault offenders. However, your domestic violence lawyer can advocate for alternative resolutions, such as a peace bond, often available for first-time offenders.

If you are charged with family violence, it can completely ruin your life. It's a criminal charge that is put on your record that will live with you forever. That's why if you get charged with domestic violence, you must consult with an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Edmonton immediately.

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