Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Edmonton

Dealing with a divorce process in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada, for that matter, can be an overly emotional and an exhausting experience for anyone. At this time, the only thing that can help you navigate this stressful, yet increasingly complicated situation is by hiring the services of a qualified divorce lawyer in your area.

Many different family law lawyers out there will claim to offer you the best legal services. However, finding the right attorney who fits all your legal requirements is not an easy task to achieve. To walk you through the legal divorce process and how you can hire an expert lawyer for your case, we will now share some essential questions you must ask your divorce lawyer.

What Is The Local Divorce Law?

In Canada, the Federal Divorce Act governs each divorce case. Nonetheless, the legal process varies significantly from one province to another. That’s why it’s vital to know if your lawyer understands the local divorce law and its implications very well; only then will they be able to provide you with the best legal service.

When talking to your divorce attorney about the local family law, learn about your particular jurisdiction variations. These differences can significantly impact your life ahead of divorce, including child custody arrangements or child / spousal support. Besides this, understand the difference between the uncontested and contested divorce types and ask your legal expert to guide you through the complicated procedure and clarify all local divorce regulations to you.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Divorce Law?

While recently graduated law students can undoubtedly bring much energy and knowledge about current law technology; they are no match for experienced lawyers who have successfully resolved various divorce and other family law matters. When you see your lawyer, it’s vital to determine the amount of experience they have regarding family and divorce law.

Among many things, the prospective legal counsel you should know about, includes local judges and the opposing attorneys at law, existing local divorce laws, trial process, and negotiating court orders, pleadings, and separation agreements.

How Many Similar Divorce Cases Have You Taken To Trial?

Apart from having sound knowledge and experience about local family laws, your potential divorce legal specialist must also have enough trial experience. After all, handling different divorce cases is one thing; taking some of those cases to trial and winning them is another. This is especially vital to know if you’re going to face a contested divorce legal case and there’s a possibility your case might go to trial.

To be specific, you must look for a divorce expert who has a reasonable amount of trial experience, yet still, advocates for negotiations and settlements.

How Much Will My Divorce Case Cost Me?

This is undoubtedly one of the most important questions to ask your prospective family lawyer. Even if you know your lawyer’s fee structure, the final expenses will largely depend on your legal case’s nature. As each divorce case differs from another, final fees usually vary as well. You will naturally have to pay more if your divorce case requires increased time, guidance, and legal expertise.

While your family lawyer might not provide you with an exact figure, they must give you a general estimate about their legal service.

How Can You Help Me With My Legal Case?

Your divorce lawyer must provide you with a general roadmap of the legal procedure to be followed in your case. They should also discuss some other possibilities related to you personally to understand your case more profoundly. Some divorce cases require a little more than just a property settlement or a separation agreement.

In order for your lawyer to help you better, you must provide them with your needs and goals. Depending on the specific goals of your divorce, your legal expert should be able to walk you through the entire divorce process without any trouble.

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