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Resolving personal separations, personably.

Our team provides legal services for real people to help resolve issues calmly and effectively.

Practice Areas

Our experienced and friendly team will provide legal advice and help you navigate to a resolution - using negotiation where possible and court when necessary. With expertise in all areas of family law, we will work with you to find the right solution for your unique situation.

Separation & Divorce
Alternatives to Litigation
(Mediation & Arbitration)
Parenting Time and
Decision Making (Custody)
Child Support & Spousal Support
Uncontested Divorce and
Simple Separation Agreements
Division of Assets and Debts

Our Team

With years of experience in family law, mediation, arbitration, and court appearances, Peak Family Law is a team of professional family and divorce lawyers in Edmonton. Our goal is to represent our clients in a down to earth manner blending empathy with efficiency.

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