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We are a full-service family law firm providing top-tier legal guidance and incomparable legal solutions to seamlessly resolve even the most ravaged family disputes and separation brawls. As family lawyers and compassionate legal advisors, we take pride in finding a resolution that works in the best interests of you and your family.

Peak Family Law puts all of its effort towards the well-being of its clients, with empathy and dignity at the core of all its operations and legal processes. Boasting an experienced team of highly professional, compassionate, and long-serving family lawyers in Edmonton, we stand with our head high in the unending crowd of our competitors. We are passionate about helping good people through tough times, and this dedication to empathetically resolve complex legal issues facing individuals and families is what wins us the title of one of the best divorce and family lawyers in Edmonton.

Our work does not just end at providing independent legal advice or legal representation in family law matters. We hold our client’s hands throughout their divorce proceedings before the Queen’s Bench and other provincial courts until all legal affairs are resolved and provide high-end guidance through each step. This level of assurance is just a call away!

We are, what you may call, your faithful companions through tough times.


What Makes Us Unique Amongst Other

Family Lawyers And Firms In Edmonton?

Beyond any reasonable doubt, Separation and Divorce are some of the most stressful events in your life. A family breakdown is never a matter that can be discussed effortlessly and resolved across a table. It is actually a highly delicate matter that mandates an appropriate balance between legal counselling, guidance, and compassion.

Thus, it is crucial that you find a family law firm that is suitable for your needs and one that you can trust. During our time together, we won’t just throw a bunch of law jargon at you to impress you and then ask you to make a decision like other typical family lawyers.

At Peak Family Law, we listen to you, explain the law in easily comprehensible terminology, and confer various suitable and viable courses of action available at your disposal (with the pros, cons, and expected costs). After our thorough discussions, contemplations, and scrutiny of the family matter at hand, we will make a recommendation as to what we think is the best pathway in your individual circumstance based on our experience. However, you always get to make the final call.

Our job is to bring our profound legal experience and expertise to work for you.

What Can You Expect

From Some Of Edmonton’s Best Family Lawyers?

Dependability, transparency, solicitude, and peace of mind.

At Peak Family Law, we stand firm by the philosophy that the formal relationship between a divorce or family lawyer and their client should not represent the association between a buyer and a seller. Our team can help you better if we have a deeper understanding of your emotions and what you’re enduring. Thus, our team of professional and adept family lawyers is trained to accompany their legal services with the moral support that you crave in such times of your life.

As a starting point, we keep our service charges as clear-cut and reasonable as possible and never rush through a consultation.

Our Areas Of Practice

Family law is an unimaginably vast discipline, and so are its subcomponents. As reputed family lawyers in Edmonton, we understand that a family’s unique needs stretch beyond a one-for-all scenario. No two family law cases are alike, and neither are the families’ distinct circumstances. Hence, the mere word ‘family law services’ is an insufficient and deficient representation of the actual needs of society.

Resultantly, we have spread our expertise over a plethora of family law categories for better representation of a family’s, couple’s and individual’s service needs.

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Face-to-face discussions are not always convenient or viable. Peak Family Law proudly presents an informative and resourceful blog section to guide you through a stress-free divorce.

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