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Asked Questions

Below you'll find the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you would like to proceed or have further questions, please book your 15-minute consultation through the button below.

How much will this cost? How long will it take? 

We honestly do not know. So much depends on how you, your spouse, their lawyer, and your lawyer all interact. It only takes one person to make this a  long, difficult, and expensive process. For some, it is a matter of weeks and a few thousand dollars, for others it could be 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars. We will help you to minimize your costs the best that we can.

How much of a retainer is required to start my file?

We require an initial payment of $3,500. This is used to pay fees as your file progresses. Should there be a balance at the end of the process, it is returned to you. If the funds are used up, you will be asked for additional funds. We accept payments by credit card or by e-transfer.

If I can't afford a lawyer, are there other options?

For individuals with lower incomes such as 1 person with an income less than $21,688, or 1 adult and 2 children with an income less than $38,176,  Legal Aid Alberta (866-845-3425) might be able to assist you.

Other Resources for lower-income people include:

Student Legal Services (780- 702-1725) has law students answer general legal questions.
​Edmonton Community Legal Centre (780-702-1725) does assist some low-income people.

Why do I have to provide my full name and my partner’s full name to book an initial phone call?

This is a law society rule so that we can check to see if we have spoken with your former partner. Without this information, we are unable to speak with you.

Can we do virtual meetings?

Absolutely. as most of our meetings will be working off of computer screens, our remote meetings allow us to use our office computers which are better set up than boardrooms. 

If you could provide a few words of advice, what would they be? 

Try to focus on the big issues.


Accept that for some items, it costs too much to get ‘justice’. Accept that the system will not change division of assets, child support, or spousal support just because your former partner is a bad person. The system will not scold your partner. Having your ‘day in court’ can be very, very expensive, and many (if not most), do not feel that it was worth it. Instead, focus on being reasonable and try to settle the issues.

As well remember, everything you write in a text/email will likely end up on the court file. Think carefully before you press the send button on how your communication will reflect on you.

You will get through this.

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